Want your chores and jobs to feel manageable through maternity leave and your return to work?

One of the biggest concerns I hear from new mothers is how they will find time to do all they need to alongside looking after their new baby, whether it's caring for older children, jobs or chores.

How you or your family managed things before your new arrival might not work in the future.

This short course gives you the space to look at how you would like to manage things during maternity leave and after your return to work using my four-step plan.

And because I'm a working parent, and have been through maternity leave, I know how hard it is to find the time to do even the simplest of tasks. The bite size lessons and downloadable worksheet is designed to make it easy to complete around even the busiest work and family life.

How does it work?

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Part of my highly successful Maternity Coaching Workshop

Managing your home contract is part of Thrive after maternity leave - plan a confident return to work, designed by Frances Cushway.

Frances is a Registered Career Coach with the CDI and worked for the majority of her career for PwC and the BBC before setting up her own consultancy. She has coached mothers for over ten years, both returning to work after maternity leave and later in their careers. As a result she understands and can help you plan for issues that come up later in your career - future proofing you for your life as a working mother.

Frances was a finalist in the Career Development Awards Career Coach of the Year 2018 and 2021 for her work coaching mothers on maternity leave.

What do people say about working with Frances?

I feel calm, prepared and organised as I approach maternity leave


Excellent course, Frances you have been fantastic, thanks so much, highly recommend this course. I feel calm, prepared and organised as I approach maternity leave so I can make the most of my birth and new baby and then go back to work feeling ready and excited about the new challenges ahead.

I now have a plan in mind and feel more prepared for my return to work.


Really great to make you think and reflect in a constructive, objective and positive way about the challenges of being a working mum and being on maternity leave. I now have a plan in mind and feel more prepared for my return to work.

This course was so helpful, even for someone on their third maternity leave.


Fantastic course. So helpful even for someone on their third maternity leave. Really got me thinking about subjects that had not been on my radar before.

I now feel confident that I can balance working and being a mum.


This course has been fantastic, thank you! It helped me consider things I wouldn't have thought about. I have gone from feeling that leaving was the only option, to feeling confident that there are ways around balancing working and being a mum.

I wish I had this support during my first maternity leave


This course was excellent, really useful. I wish I had been able to attend this in my first pregnancy/maternity leave.

Heartening to find someone so passionate about helping mums through maternity leave


Thank you - the workshop was useful and fun. You created a very safe space to reflect on maternity leave. Heartening to find someone passionate and focused on such an important point in a family's life.

I feel clearer and more confident about my next steps


This came at the perfect time for me as a new mum who is at a crossroads with her career. With many thoughts flying around my (quite tired!) head, it was a tonic to speak calmly to Frances about my concerns and hopes for the future. What I happily realised was I'm not alone with my hopes, fears and confusion around returning to work and that it is achievable to find a balance with working and having a family. In a very short time I already feel clearer and more confident about my next steps so thank you Frances!

A plan to transition between work and family life

GP & Parent

This course has allowed me to plan my return so it's a much better transition between work and family life.

The course has been so useful for planning my return to work


Thank you, the course has been so useful for planning maternity leave and return to work, considering both the practical and emotional aspects.

Useful to reflect on life at this point


This course gave me time to reflect on life at this point which was very useful. I would have found extremely informative on my previous maternity leave.


  • Will I have time to do this, I've just had a baby.

    This course is designed so you can dip in and out of it, so even if you have 10 minutes here and there to grab a cup of tea and complete a lesson you will benefit from it. It is structured in bite-sized lessons to fit in with busy work and family lives. Mums who have been through my maternity coaching programme have looked at how they manage things at home so that they have more time to do things they love. So it should also help you find the time for yourself in your busy week.

  • Having a baby is an expensive time, can I afford to spend money on myself?

    The question is can you afford not to? As mums we often put our needs on the back burner until we realise we've neglected ourselves for too long. By investing in this course you are investing in yourself and your time to look after yourself.

  • This isn't my first maternity leave, will this course be useful for me?

    Feedback from mums who have been through my maternity coaching during their second (or more) maternity leave has all been extremely positive! They have said that they wish they had been through this the first time round and that it was really helpful to work out how they wanted their return to work to go this time.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    Once you have purchased the course you will have lifetime access to it and to any updates we make. So you can come back for a confidence boost whenever you need it.

  • Is this course relevent to me if I'm not in the UK?

    Yes this course can help you manage things at home wherever you are in the world.

  • Can I get help when on the course?

    You can ask for help within the lesson through starting a discussion.

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